Scale your Business

We are a team of young experienced Geeks

Tech Stack

Use the perfect technology stack for your Business products.


Get customized solutions built & deployed as per requirement without compromising on security.


Microservices to keep things modular along with encrypted communication between services.


Secure your servers and applications using our expertise solutions.

About Us

A team of young experienced Geeks

Working with OpenSource hardware tools and software platforms we have achieved a great level of expertise in latest technologies.

  • Specialized in secure deployment of almost everything.
  • Experienced with various technologies production deployment.
  • We help in architecting infrastructure and optimising production cost.

Automate everything is the policy we follow which helps to quickly move from development to production. This helps our clients to be more focussed on innovating and decreasing time to market.

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Our team is expert with most of the latest technologies in the market

24x7 Availability

Our team is spreaded across the globe and is available around the clock at all times.

Web Design

Customised website designs, discussion forums, hardware/software & IoT solutions as per requirements.

High Performance

Containerized way of Deployment with Kubernetes on AWS/GCP/Azure.

Technology Stack

Get your customised applications built with NodeJs, Django, Wordpress or with required OpenSource Technologies.

Streaming Services

We help you deploy webinar/conference on your servers leading to full control of your data with privacy.


Automatically scale up & scale down your applications based on demand.


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